/roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ Let’s Play: HOLLYWOOD

/roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ Let's Play: HOLLYWOOD is the debut deployment of the /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ super computing system, where it plays — and learns as it plays — Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a casual free-to-play role-playing Android game in which a players aim is to increase their fame and reputation to become an A-list celebrity. /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ Let's Play: HOLLYWOOD will be playing live at Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, from March 5th to April 17th, 2021. While playing /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/ fumbles its way through an ersatz version of suburban Los Angeles. The work’s visuals comprise the flattened graphics of the role-playing game itself, an array of colored boxes the algorithm uses to identify what it encounters, and scrolling lines of code that correspond to the automated progress of /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/. It’s aural world features system sounds composed by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never).

IRL @ Greene Naftali Gallery, New York: